I have been blessed with a fertile imagination and I have always loved the power that images have to convey a resonance of place, feeling and time. When I was a child I would to read fairy tale picture books and become completely immersed in the fantasy of the story through the images that were created in my head. Throughout my life I have been awestruck by the way in which images have been able to move me deeply around many themes like relationships, history, visibility, style, culture and childhood. So, in the pages of this blog, I want to share some of those themes and the beautiful inspirations through photography and illustrations, that speak to us as multiple layers of visual story…

Let it be seen

This image shows a friends hands holding my Mamiya C330 twin-lens reflex film camera. When I shot it, many years ago, I wanted to make a visual comment about the absence back then, of images of Black Women in photography. I love the way the image integrates her seasoned hands and her mature shape, along side a piece of formidable looking photographic kit.


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5 Responses to Welcome…

  1. Arike says:

    Hi Anita,

    This blog (website) is great. I’m glad to be witness to it at its beginning. I love what you are writing about and how open you are. Each of the topics that you have included have been interesting to me – and I’m sure lots of others. They just need to know about it.

    I wonder whether you want lots of visitors to your site or whether you just want to let it grow organically at its own pace? What are you wishes for this blog?

    I too have a blog and at the moment it is static because I am developing material for it that people will be able to download. If you want to view it go to playbluesharmonica.com. In my blog as well as using text, like you, I am using visual images and additionally I have audio files for people to hear. My plan is also to use video both of myself talking to the camera and other clips. At some point I will ‘launch’ the site to start attracting visitors to it. In the meantime I am developing material. But since reading your topics I think that I will probably be adding some new posts regularly from now right up to the ‘official’ launch.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Much love,


  2. Jane says:

    Anita – I am so impressed by your forgiveness and your power. The power to not allow events in life to overwhelm you, the power to transform these events into positivity and the power and courage to share this information. It is not surprising that such powerful people are subsumed by the society that fears that power, which you have proved is transformational and truly revolutionary. The image also reminded me of Maurice who always used to use a Mamiya and was a selfless and inspirational teacher. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

  3. Anita says:

    Thank you Nasiche for taking the time to stop by my new blog, your comments are really appreciated and I plan to continue bring many more life-stories through images… Thanks Anita

  4. Nasiche says:

    Images are such a powerful medium of communication and so valuable in capturing, recording and sharing so many things in life…

    Look forward to seeing more.


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