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Banana Carriers, Jamaica 1927

Banana Carriers, Jamaica 1927

So now it’s Black History Month again (October in the UK), it is always a wonderful opportunity to take some time out to celebrate cultural heritage and for exploring an array of achievements; the use of visuals are perfect gems for enhancing this exploration.

Vintage images provide meaningful stimuli for exploring our experiences within a framework of themes, such as personal heritage, or well-being. This early 20th century photograph (above), has fixed a moment in time – it shows us a group of women taking their banana’s, a local produce, to market and tells us a story about the time and the people in it…how they dressed, how they transported their produce and the environment which they inhabited. The photo caption adds a further dimension to the image, in the form of ‘place’, so that we know exactly where in the world the photograph was taken, or ‘fixed’.

Contrasting the photo-story which this picture offer’s us, by asking the same questions in the present time, we are able to look at how we live now and consider how we may relate to Caribbean foods and the stories we have related to them. This process links the past and present and offers a dynamic format for deepening our exploration and understanding of wellbeing, as it applies to us now and to our relationship with the foods highlighted in our sharing and any links to our own health.

Drawing on my heritage, health and group work skills, I am looking forward to the pleasure of facilitating a Healthy Habits – health, heritage and lifestyle event later this month. This is a very exciting opportunity and allows for creative sharing of stories as a wellbeing approach.

Enjoy your Black History Month


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