About Anita

A self portrait

I have always had diverse interests, contributing to my being involved in numerous activities.

Photography has been one of the area’s I’ve enjoyed participating in. There have been numerous exhibitions, artist residencies, publishing projects and the opportunity to share my skills as an educational photography workshop facilitator in museums, schools and community projects.

I also have an active spiritual life and I am an ordained Interfaith Minister, a Spiritual Counsellor, meditation teacher and Spirit Release Therapist. Another cherished area of life for me is optimum health, well-being and food; hence I am a well-being warrior and raw soul food and healthy eating and well-being facilitator.

Added to these experiences and interests, I am a mother and now a grandmother, a writer, publisher, designer and I adore Caribbean, Indian, Latin and African dance and music.

I didn’t always realise that I was interested in ‘style’ but have come to value the influences that inspire me, mainly through thought provoking images and life experience.

I am passionate about supporting people to achieve their personal goals for holistic health and well-being, whether it be through creativity, spirituality, nutritionally and or psychologically; and I believe that we are all connected to each others well-being.

I am acknowledging that I am multifaceted and that I have a creative soul, which inspires and encourages me to slick, sensuous expression….why not enjoy my journey with me!

“Based on her Values of Freedom, Knowledge, Passion, Financial Independence and Love, Anita is dedicated to empowering motivated, creative individuals to pursue their passions, make a real difference and have a meaningful life with abundance, freedom, love and success in return. 

When she is not working easy she is playing hard!!! – Anita loves music, dancing, watching old movies, writing, uncooking and sharing tasty meals with family and friends. She adores her children and grandchildren, she can sometimes be spotted dancing salsa around London during the summer months, when in the UK.”

Anita is the Founder of Raw Soul Food & Healing Image 

Photographer – Author – Celebrant – Spiritual Counsellor – Interfaith Minister -Meditation Teacher – Raw Food & Healthy Eating Teacher – Spirit Release Therapist – Transformative Mediation Facilitator

Mother – Grandmother – Sister – Loyal Friend

I invite you check out my various social media platforms:
On Twitter and Instagram: anitaji’sworld
Raw Soul Food – Sistahintheraw


4 Responses to About Anita

  1. Gloria Ogunbadejo says:

    I am drawn to your spiritual energy, beauty and vision.Being pure African myself I am equally appreciative of, your respect for and to ancestry. See you soon…Alaafia

  2. Olamide Agbaimoni says:

    I love the presentation of your work. There is real artistic flair in the way you have laid out the pages and the self portrait picture is amazing. Can’t wait to see your other images.

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